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Serve like a Pro in Ping Pong – Service Fundamentals

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July 3, 2018

Who doesn’t wish to play any sport like a pro?

When it comes to Ping Pong, it’s not too mainstream like the football, so only a few people actually know the rules and skills for playing the game like a Pro. Also, this is not a rocket science, therefore, anyone can actually master it if proper attention and time are invested for the same.

Serve like a Pro in Ping Pong – Service Fundamentals

I got in touch with a professional Ping Pong player, and he mentioned the Serves just like all other players. Serving is that time of the game where you get the complete control of the game in your hands. This is the starting point of the game and something where you can actually plan how the rally has to go.

Serve like a Pro in Ping Pong

During the service, you could decide the Speed, direction and even the height of the ball. If you get your hands on the Serve, then you can handle all the opponent’s shots smoothly.

Following are the Tips on how to Serve the Ping Pong game like a Pro –

1. Holding the ball and Tossing it in the air

During the serve, the ball is placed on a flat hand in a way that your opponent could see the ball clearly. The ball is then tossed in the air at a height of 6 or more inches, and then hit with the paddle at an accurate time.

2. The Accuracy is a Must

This comes just after you toss the ball in the air. When the ball is still in the air, it’s the time when you decide the hitting time. Make an aim, and then hit the ball as it comes down near your ping pong paddle. Keep your contact strong with the ball, and check if you are moving at the right path just like required for hitting the ball.

3. Handle the Ping Pong Paddle nicely

Handle the Ping Pong Paddle nicely

Basically, there are two main forms of holding a ping pong paddle, one is the Handshake grip and the other one is the pen-hold grip. You need to hold the paddle rightly if you want to get the right shot you are planning to make.

4. Speed up the game in your way 

If you are slow on the footwork side, then it could cost you the game. Work on the footwork drills, and speed up your progress. It won’t happen overnight, but start off!

5. Placement of the ball

This needs to be checked while the game is on. We are talking about the placement of the ball, for both the players. You should know where the ball is actually going to hit on the table. Also, the same thing has to be considered from the other player’s side.

Also to add, pingpongguide is a well-known blog which I recently bumped into during my research. Do check out!

6. Know your opponent well 

Know your opponent’s favorite moves, and the style of handling the ball. You can refer to the old videos, and better understand how he/she usually deals any shot.

8. Keep the practice on!

In the end, you know what I have got to say. Keep the game on, and practice out well.

5 Awesome Woodworking Tips and Tricks Worth Knowing

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January 4, 2018

Each and every task requires some skills. When we are talking about Woodworks, then there are some Awesome Woodworking Tips and Tricks which you must know. This is exactly what we are going to check out in this post.

5 Awesome Woodworking Tips and Tricks worth Knowing

Woodworking is the job of making and creating beautiful sculptures and other items using wood. This may sound simple at first, well it is not! This wood skill requires a lot of patience, concentration, skills and the right tools! We will help you with some tips and other tricks that you need to note before trying your hands on this Woody job. They are given as follows-

1) Get your hands on Cutting different materials.

You will come across different cutting tools including jigsaw, table saw, hand saw, and circular saw. Among these four, all the tools excluding the table saw are pretty cheap. These are the basic tools, so if you have mastered using them, then it would be half job done for you. Try to use as many primary tools as possible, rather than jumping to high-end devices.

Jigsaws- This is the good with all type of cutting tool, which can go well with almost all cutting jobs. With this, you can quickly make odd shapes and cuts, but it may not be much suitable for making straight cuts. Another advantage is that the blades used in this are cheap and interchangeable. So you can use the same tool for different operations.

Also, check: How To Litter Box Train a Bunny

Circular saw- The heavy duty saw among all the saws present in the market. You can use this for doing straight cuts, but it won’t help you with making curves as it was seen in a jigsaw. If you are up with many wood projects, then you can go with this circular saw for the job.

Hand saw- You can go with the hand saw if you are not planning to do any straight cuts. They do not run on any power source so that it will require some of your muscle power for the cutting. The only drawback of this tool is that you will need different saws for different surfaces. For example, if you need to cut wood or any metal sheet then you will have to make some additional costs for the job.

These are the saws which you need to know in the first place. After you get known to all the three listed saws, it would be easy to get started with cutting basics.

drilling holes

2) Drilling holes

Drilling is something that you won’t be able to escape from any wood project. It is obvious that you will need to drill some holes at some point of time. Cordless drill remain a good option, and most recommended for all. This type of drill machine won’t burn a hole in your pockets too.

Well, drilling holes is easy to do a thing. Still, it requires some practice to get the correct precision in the drilling.

3) Know the right way of Sanding

After you are done with the cutting, you may find some uneven surface which needs to smoothen. This job of smoothening the surface is done using a Sander machine. You may have come across something called Sandpaper, which is a tough sheet with abrasive material on one end. Using this, you can smoothen any wooden or metal surface.

The same purpose is taken care of in a Sander machine, but on a high-scale compared to the sandpaper. Following are the Sander types:

Hand Sander

  • Hand Sander 

This is the basic sanding unit you will come across, though it is recommended for small sanding projects.

It comes with a plate and sander on the bottom part. If you are looking for a compact sanding solution which is cheap too, then you can go with this.

Belt Sander

  • Belt Sander

Belt Sanders comes with a belt which has got a sandpaper rolled on it.

This one is used for high ending finishing job, especially when you are dealing with a large surface. It is less recommended for all the beginners since they are used for heavy end projects.

Orbital Sander

  • Orbital Sander

This is something of the next level in the field of Sanding.

They have got a rotating disk and has a compact shape which makes it apt for all the tight space and other similar space. The orbital sander is the most advanced model of all the sanders in the market.

4) Identify the varieties of Screws, and know which one is used when?

Be it any surface or any wood project; you will come across a joining task. Screws help in better joining when compared it to the nails. We will list out the ordinary screws which you can use for your projects and a brief description on each. This way you could decide on which screw type you should opt for a particular job.

1. Wood Screws- It comes with a coarse pitch, and it helps with making solid connections when fixed on the wood. There are some parts which remain unthreaded, and it allows the screw head to be fixed firmly on to the surface. Know the correct depth and other measurements before getting the drill on.

2. Sheet metal screws- This type of screws are shorter in height compared to the wood screws. This is because sheet metals are not thick, and so they won’t require long screws for the fixations. Here the pitching is the fine one and is threaded upto the head portion.

3. Machine Screws- These screws come in varying shapes and sizes, but are stronger than other screw types. Even the pitches are found to be fine, and you will need a bolt or nut for securing this screw.

4. Drywall Screws- Final type is the drywall screws. They are long and thin in shape. Here the pitches are very coarse kind of, and they also have the unthreaded shank on it.

You will come across many other categories of screws, but these are the basic ones that you must know.


5) Painting the wooden surface

This comes at the end of all the work. You can paint the surface, and give your project an amazing finishing look to it. Not only does it work in increasing the aesthetic of the product but also protects them from all the unfavorable elements that may damage your work. Latex paint and the Oil-based paint are the two commonly used paints for the woods.

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These were our 5 Awesome Woodworking Tips and Tricks worth Knowing– which we wanted to share with you guys for a long time! Was this article helpful to get started with your woodworking? Let us know your feedback in the comment space given below. Follow our page for more updates from us.

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Best Stiga Ping Pong Table 2017 [Complete Review]

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September 28, 2017

Playing different games is one of the best pass time options. It not only makes the person active but also allows them to spend some happy moments with their friends and family.

Here we are going to check out the Best Stiga Ping Pong Table, for 2017. Ping Pong table is similar to the Table Tennis game, only that the names are different. People of almost all age-groups enjoy this game. You can set up this game at any place like the basement area, any gaming area along with other indoor games, or even at your office place.

While you are making a purchase of this table, you need to look out for the complete information of it. Let’s find out the detailed info about the best unit in this category.

Best Stiga Ping Pong Table of 2017

There are many brands producing Ping Pong Tables lately, and some of the popular ones include Joola, Stiga, Killerspin, and much more.

Best Stiga Ping Pong Table Stiga Advantage

Stiga has been a quality producer of the sports equipment, and for over 70 years they have been ruling the table tennis world. Our Top Recommendation among all the Stiga models is the Stiga Advantage Ping Pong Table. We will check out more about this unit below.


It would take about 10 minutes with the setup, and this Stiga Table can be arranged in three different positions. First one is the play position, second is the playback position, and finally the storage style. The first position is the normal way in which the table is arranged for two players. you can start with best rated Stiga ping pong table reviews to know everything. Even, Playback position is for the single player game; this is set up during practice sessions. And finally the storage positions, where the table is halved and folded up with the table surfaces facing each other.

You will get a silk screening done on the table surface, with the Dark Blue top. It includes one safety latch system and also features 3 inches casters with locks on it.


There is nothing to assemble much, as 95% of the unit comes with the pre-assembled components only. Here the net is of the tournament quality, and also the cost is pretty impressive too. High performance at a reasonable rate. For better convenience and storage, three lockable casters are also present on this.


There have been no issues reported for this table so far. And the reason is the quality unit production by the Stiga, and their co-operative and effective customer service. Though some issues related to the durability were reported. You can contact their service center, and get all the issues solved.


  • This table is a competition ready unit, and it can be set up at your home as well as in the office.
  • The assembly time is found to be 10 minutes.
  • It has got three lockable casters which add to the convenience and easy storage.
  • The nets can be easily disassembled and assembled back during the play time.


STIGA is a global company, and they have got partners spread in around 100 countries. This brand has been offering quality products since past 70 years. It is one of the Popular Ping Pong Table BrandsSTIGA believe in producing quality products for the consumers, and they mainly invest in research and development.

They have also signed one 7-years agreement with the Swedish Table Tennis Team! Super cool, isn’t it?

You can never go wrong with this Stiga Ping Pong Table, and we hope that you found all the answers to your doubts here. If there is some question left, then ask them out in the comment section below.

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7 Signs You May Have a Problem with Hard Water

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September 20, 2017

So you have shifted into your new home recently. But the quality of the tap water is bothering you. If the water is hard, then you need to treat them asap to avoid its dire consequences. How can one easily recognize if the water is hard or not? There are many signs; we would like to list out the Quick 7 of them. Let’s begin!

7 Signs You May Have a Problem with Hard Water

Hard water can be handled easily, but you better not leave it unsolved for a long time. This will eventually damage your appliances, thus increasing your expenses.

Signs You May Have a Problem with Hard Water

So, how to know if the water is hard? What are the easy signs? Below seven indications will prove the hardness in water.

1. Detergent, when mixed with the water, is creating a cloudy solution. No foam formation.

This is the simplest test which you can try at home, for knowing if the water is hard or not. Take some sample of the water, add some soap solution into it. Then shake the solution for some time. If the water has become cloudy, then it means that the water is hard. Else if you get foams on the top of the water, then it means that the water is soft.

2. Are the pipes often clogged recently?

If you do not treat the hard water within some time, then it will start creating issues for you. All the mineral buildups will form a sticky layer on the pipes and other plumbing parts. Now this hinders all the fluid movements, and will eventually jam all the showerheads too.

Same will happen for the pipes as well, and in the end, you will have to contact a plumber for cleaning and running it back.

Check for more info: The Benefits of Healing Through Water – Hydrotherapy therapy

3. Stains or Buildup visible on the home plumbing.

This is the easy identification of all, just look for a strong stain on plumbing units. For example, if you find iron rust kind of stains on the plumbing surface then they are the sure signs of hard water.

Are there any red stains on the porcelain materials? They are the clear signs of hard water – specifically; it’s because of the iron in the water.

4. Is your skin feeling a strange irritation? Do you feel any dryness after the bath?

Soap or detergent does not go well with the hard water. When you bath using the hard water, some of the soap particles are left behind. Even the mineral deposits on the skin can cause dryness. You may also get an itchy sensation. Continuous exposure to hard water can lead to skin diseases too.

5. Appliances are not lasting long as expected.

This is by far the most expensive issue which you can face with the hard water. It can damage almost any kind of appliance that makes use of water – from a small dishwasher to a system as large as a water heater can be affected.

All the mineral buildups can slow down the performance and make them less efficient. To solve this, carry out regular maintenance of the appliances.

6. Sudden decrease in the water pressure is another reason for the hard water.

Do you find any decrease in the flow of the water? You can relate this point to the second one discussed here. With the minerals getting accumulated, the interiors of the pipe gets clogged.

This makes it difficult for the water to pass through swiftly – which ends up with reducing the overall water pressure in the pipe. So if you face any similar situation lately, then do a check on the water quality at your place.

Water is having a strange smell or taste different

7. Water is having a strange smell or taste than usual.

Hard waters are safe on the drinking part since it contains many minerals in it. But, if you find any strange smell or any taste difference recently – then this could be a sign of hard water.

On the other hand, softened water is salty because of the sodium ions added into water. Well, taste difference in the water can be caused by several reasons. Hard water is just one among them.

There you go, folks! These are the 7 Quick Ways of knowing whether you got a problem of Hard Water at your place or not. What are your views on this article? Do you have anything to add to the above content? If yes, then write down your answers/comments in the space given below.

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Best High End Coffee Maker Review of 2017 | Ultimate Choice

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September 13, 2017

After checking out all the modern High End Coffee Makers, you will find a great difference comparing it with your old coffee machines. These high end systems are designed for those who are willing to invest any amount of money because they only want the best flavourful coffee.

A few of the units come with laser-like focus which enhances the brewing quality. The more smart features, more expensive the coffee maker gets. Those who are seeking out to get the best coffee at their homes should get one of these. And undoubtedly, the added cost affects the flavor of the coffee.

Best High End Coffee Maker Review

We have got two recommendations in this category- the First one is the Technivorm Moccamaster unit, and secondly the OXO On Barista Brain Coffee Maker. We will provide a detailed review on how they made it on our list among the Best in the High End Coffee Makers.

#1 Technivorm Moccamaster 59163 KBG Coffee Maker

Technivorm Moccamaster is the producer of premium quality coffee makers and other grinder systems.

Technivorm Moccamaster 59163 KBG Coffee Maker

The industry is based in Netherlands, and almost all of their products are certified by the Speciality Coffee Associations of America & Europe. This product has also got the golden cup quality certification as well.

Product Description

Gerard C. Smit is the mastermind behind the production of this Technivorm product. You shouldn’t forget to read single serve coffee maker reviews by experts’ before purchasing anything. He believed in presenting some reliable and durable products for all the coffee lovers. For the past 50 years, he has succeeded in offering efficient and recyclable solutions to the users.

There are almost 16 shades available for this single unit, and so you could choose your favorite one among them. It has got one auto drip-stop basket, which comes along with the glass carafe unit. This machine is capable of brewing the complete carafe within 5 minutes! It is that fast!

Quick Highlights

  • Consistency temperature maintained
  • Certified by many of the well-known quality standards
  • Only if you purchase the system from an authorized seller, get a five years warranty on the unit
  • Informative customer service team and machine is built using durable components
  • BPA-free plastic used in the making

So these are some of the key features of this Technivorm Moccamaster Brewer system. Some unique coffee process is adopted in this which blends the coffee grounds perfectly to give you the best brewing experience.

#2 OXO On Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker

Good coffee is the right mixture of art and science. Art includes the way coffee flavors are extracted to the drink, and science includes the time, and temperature settings are done on the unit. After all the factors are set, you will end up with having an excellent coffee. This product replicates the pour-over method which is adopted in most of the major coffee shops.

OXO On Barista Brain 9-Cup Coffee Maker

Product Description

This coffee maker makes use of microprocessors to give precise results as per your time and temperature inputs. You just have to enter the number of cups, and the rest of the processing will be handled by the unit alone. If you wish to get the best kind of coffee using coffee grounds, then this unit is just made for you.

Other features found here include the single-serve feature, and you can also add a wakeup timer on this unit. After you have taken one sip of the coffee, you will know the real meaning of why it is called as a barista coffee.

Quick Highlights

  • Volume of the water is adjusted according to the number of cups required by the user
  • Temperature of the coffee is maintained throughout the processing
  • The Barista Brain monitors all the steps performed carefully, all thanks to the smart processors!
  • Rain showerheads provide water in such a manner that it falls evenly on the coffee grounds

This 9-cup coffee maker has got an intuitive LED interface in it and has also got a backlit display. Here the displays let the user know the status of the Coffee Maker, and there is one freshness indicator with it.

These are our recommendations for Best High-End Coffee Maker Review. Did you find the units amazing? Or have you used any of the two coffee machines reviewed? Share your experience with the system in the comment section, and other suggestions are also welcomed. For more updates, follow our page Salut per al Desenvolupament.

How To Litter Box Train a Bunny

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September 13, 2017

People have this notion that rabbits are hard to maintain and they dirty all the places quickly. In reality, taking care of bunnies is just similar to that of the cats. Coming to the Litter removal, you can also Train your Bunny to Litter properly, just as you train your Cats.

How To Litter Box Train a Bunny

Bunnies always urinate or poop only in places which make them feel safe and comfortable. This is natural. Most of the training work involves the owner to understand their pet. Yes, you read it right. Understand your pet, and win the trust initially. Make a note of their habits, analyze them, and then take action. Find a hub to discuss litterbox for a cat, dog, and rabbit which will ensure safe decisions.

Get your Bunny on the Litter Box

Buy 2 to 3 litter boxes, place one box in the cage, and rest of them outside the box at different locations. These places should be those where your bunny runs around frequently. If the bunny urinates in the corner of the cage where the box is not kept, then place the box in the corner. This will give an idea to the bunny that they must litter inside the box only.

Litter Box Train a Bunny

If the rabbit wraps around inside the litter itself, then don’t get mad! This is entirely normal for a bunny. Now if you find the rabbit littering within the box for a long time, then slowly get your pet outside the box. Let them run and move around freely. Wait for some time, and check the location where the bunny is littering. If they litter outside the box, then lift them up gently and placed them back in the cage.

Well, this must not look like a punishment for your rabbit. Therefore on a single use of the litter box, you can convey your happiness and praise them by feeding their favorite food. If you are planning to increase the space, then make sure you add up more litter boxes for your bunny.

For example, if one floored room is converted into a two floored building then place multiple litter box for your rabbit.

Some Tips for all those “out-of-the-box” rabbits 

There is no one bunny or rabbit which litters perfectly inside the box. Following are the tips which will help you deal with your bunny more swiftly in litter matters.

out of the box rabbits

Tip 1- In case your bunny litters outside the box, then mop all the urine and poop and place it inside the litter box. This will give the understanding of doing the ‘business’ inside the box only.

Tip 2- The bunny is not suiting well with the littering so they may drop some outside the box or just near to the box. In such case, you can place a plastic mat or just put the box on a tile floor so that you can quickly clean the litter.

Tip 3- Make them feel free, and not as if you have created some territory for your pet.

These were the tips that you can try out while dealing with your bunny. Now time for some Dos and Don’ts.

The Dos: 

  • For the animal bedding, make use of a recycled papers like the Crown Bedding.
  • The usual litter pellets can be replaced with the Wood Stove Pellets.
  • Check the label of the litter. Avoid the ones which contain zinc, cedar oils, or anything related to cedar!
  • Some litter includes clay content too. Say no to them.
  • Check out the automatic litter box reviews before you buy any for your rabbit to make sure that it is friendly.

And the Don’ts: 

  • Just repeating the point, say no to clay litters. Some of the shopkeepers may convince you with the benefits; you just have to avoid them.
  • Some issues related to zinc poisoning have been reported. So choose the safe and right litter type for your bunny.
  • Say No to Pine and Cedar containing litters.

There you go! Read all the tips carefully, and try it out by yourself. For worst cases, where your bunny is littering all the rooms and making the cleaning tough, get in touch with a vet and find a solution. Last but not the least, everything takes time. So take some time, and watch out for the results!

To know more about the Littering world, check out our page Salut per al Desenvolupament.

Approved the proposal of the “Health for development” in the Parliament of Catalonia

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June 29, 2017

Solidarity and Cooperation Committee of the Parliament of Catalonia unanimously approved the draft resolution on strengthening of health workers in developing countries, at the request of pharmacists Mundi and Medicus Mundi Catalonia.

The draft resolution presented by Initiative for Catalonia Greens-United and Alternative Left has received the support of Convergence and Union, the Socialist Party of Catalonia, the Popular Party of Catalonia Republican Left of Catalonia and the Joint Working Group after the change initial drafted several amendments CiU and PSC.
The final proposal after the compromise amendments CiU and PSC stated as follows:

  • Point 1. Dedicate a percentage of Official Development Assistance in Health, approved by the Council of Cooperation Department, strengthen human resources, following the recommendations of WHO in training and retention of human resources.
  • Point 2. Support coordinated the development and implementation of national strategies and plans for health human resources in developing countries, the priority for cooperation Plan for 2011-2014, which are comprehensive and robust.
  • Point 3. Make the necessary arrangements with the Government of the State, as from relevant international organizations, adopted measures to maintain and increase gradually if necessary, hiring and / or the salaries of health workers in countries suffering from a shortage of human resources in this sector, in order to discourage their march into other countries.
  • Point 4. Implementing the Code of Good Practice WHO, among other things, requests the Member States not to carry out active policies in the public sector to incorporate health personnel such as recruitment source, for professionals of any of the 57 poorest countries. Do the same recommendation to the private sector.
  • Point 5. Implement the Code of Good Practices WHO, among other things, requested member countries quantification of existing human resources in the field of health, planning how many need it most and a strategy for training and “loyalty” of the staff already trained. Other exciting details are provided for Mobdro on Facebook which is a great source to use.
  • 6. Promote point plan of coordination between those responsible for the Catalan Cooperation Agency and the Department of Health to take into account the needs of developing countries, providing effective and appropriate technical assistance, support retention and training health personnel in the countries of origin, transfer of technology and knowledge and promote circular migration mechanisms.

Since the two NGOs, pharmacists Mundi and Catalonia are happy medicusmundi the approval of the proposed resolution and the amendments of the transaction, since it removed the fourth point is the key to solve the deficit health personnel in developing countries.

We hope that the future will take this proposal into consideration and prosper in the implementation of the Code of Good Practice, as well as the level of coordination between the ACCD and the Department of Health.

The proposal of the “Health for development” for debate and vote in the Parliament of Catalonia

by , on
May 29, 2017

Tomorrow at 10 am will be held at the Committee for Cooperation and Solidarity of the Parliament of Catalonia debate and vote on the draft resolution on strengthening of health workers in developing country at the request of Pharmacists Mundi medicusmundi and Catalonia.

On September 16, members of the “Health for development” of NGOs pharmacists Mundi and medicusmundi Catalonia appeared before the Commission to present the results of the campaign and in particular the proposal to stop the deficit of health professionals to Southern countries. This proposal arises from the lack of more than 4 million health professionals around the world, so that basic health care accessible to the whole population.

According to the World Health Report 2006 the World Health Organization, the situation is particularly dramatic in the 57 poorest countries. This situation is caused by lack of funds in the field of health in these countries, structural adjustment policies which for years has promoted the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund, and for reasons that are also applicable to rich countries the balance as inadequate professional categories, the failure of national labor markets and the lack of congruence between the preparation in schools and health needs of the population, among others.

To mitigate this problem from the “Health for development” was requested to parliamentarians Catalan:

  • Devote 25% of Official Development Assistance to strengthening health human resources, following the recommendations of WHO in training and retention of human resources.
  • Support the development and implementation of comprehensive national strategies and plans HR in developing countries.
  • Oppose any measure the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund that involves hiring freeze and / or salaries of health workers in countries facing a shortage of human resources, as this would lead the march to other countries.
  • Refrain both the public and private sector, to implement active policies for recruitment originating in one of the 57 poorest countries.
  • Implementing the Code of Good Practice WHO, among other things, asks the Member States alone • quantification of existing human resources in the field of health, planning a few more and it needs a strategy training and “loyalty” of the staff already trained.
  • That there is coordination and cooperation among those responsible for health in order to take into account the needs of developing countries, providing effective and appropriate technical assistance, support for health personnel retention and training in countries of origin, transfer of knowledge and technology and promote circular migration mechanisms.

The parliamentary group Initiative for Catalonia Greens-United and Alternative Left filed a motion in relation to the proposal and groups of CiU and the Socialist Party of Catalonia have submitted amendments.

We hope you will discuss the amendments and that the vote of those do not miss the main objective of the proposal is to ensure sufficient human resources for health in developing countries, one of the pillars of any health system, to ensure assistance care for the entire population.

Health, poverty and development

by , on
April 29, 2017

The fight against poverty is certainly the biggest challenge facing humanity this century. With 40% of the world population at poverty level and a fifth in a situation so extreme it threatens their own survival, a world free of shortcomings and fears, as sought the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is still a distant aspiration.

However, governments around the world have expressed their desire to eradicate poverty. At the 2005 World Summit world leaders reiterated their determination to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), including the eradication of poverty and hunger. The challenge now is how to translate these commitments into action.

Historically it has been molded by Western worldview that defines the degree of civilization of a country according to its economic development. Thus, the “no development” and poverty came to be translated into a mere statistical per capita income. Under this perspective it can be said that culture has prevailed on all the political economic, social and cultural thinking that the market meet the needs of individuals efficiently. However, he soon found that economic development should not necessarily lead to an equitable distribution of the wealth generated, and more, this development is not always relied on sustainability.

During the 80 Nobel laureate in economics Amartya Sen, made a new development paradigm represents the expansion of freedom for people to express their abilities and potential. Expanding freedom is because the primary purpose and once the primary means for development. Sen’s ideas were assimilated by studying new trends developing in all its breadth, seeping between the United Nations system and the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP).

Today it is considered that the development is the process of enlarging people options, functions and increasing human capacity. In this new approach, poverty is not only synonymous with low incomes, but also weakening a range of key human capabilities, including health-related. The term human poverty refers to the lack of means to achieve these capacities. Thus, human development also reflects the results of these functions and capabilities as it relates to humans. It represents both a process and a purpose. UNDP

Finally, sometimes overlapping with the prospect of Sen, there is a third approach to the concept of development, understood as the realization of human rights in its fullness. If these are the highest expression of human freedom, the degree of its acquisition involves varying development.

These three views provide different views of human development but also complementary. The first approach focuses on the field of satisfaction of needs in this regard the eye focuses on what we lack, favoring approaches and strategies purely on assistance. The newness that introduces the prospect of capabilities Sen, is based precisely where the accent is not in what we lack (needs), but the potential to be or do (skills). Based on the freedoms also tries to eliminate the barriers that cause people not eligible for life that they would like to wear. Finally, the vision of human rights provides a different shade scoring threshold development in which all people should have access. This nuance is very important because it requires the whole of society the effort needed to make it a reality. Possessing a legitimate right for people to be able to claim it.

From these three perspectives can also redefine the concept of poverty. Poverty represents therefore only a matter of income, but mostly a matter of being able to live a life with dignity, enjoying human rights and freedoms that come from them.

The link between health, poverty and development has been interpreted in different ways over time and by different actors. In 1978, the International Conference on Primary Health Care WHO meeting in Alma Ata, said that the economic and social development based on a new international economic order was of fundamental importance to achieve a maximum degree of health for all and to reduce inequalities in health between developing countries and developed countries. At the same time, said that the promotion and protection of health is essential to sustained economic and social development. Thus, poverty is the cause of ill health, and ill health, in turn, increases poverty. To achieve a level of health that allows lead a socially and economically productive, the Alma Ata Declaration recommended to implement the strategy of primary health care. This Statement establishes strong links between health and development and considers access to health as a social goal of extreme importance, whose realization requires the action of many social and economic sectors, not just health (agriculture, education , housing, communications, industry …) and, especially, the full participation of all individuals and families in the community in the planning and implementation of health care.

Over the past decades, but have not been taken into account in these holistic approach in planning development policies. The cuts in basic services, including health care, have involved a deterioration in the quality of life and good health of the population, particularly the vulnerable.

In 2000, WHO established the Commission on Macroeconomics and Health (CMS) with the aim of placing health within the overall economic development. The summary of the first report, led by Jeffrey Sachs determined that an improvement in the health of people living in poverty is not only an objective to achieve by itself, but acts more as a strong catalyst for economic development and the reduction of poverty in society. This means that the individual good is common. In addition, establishing a series of relationships between investment in health and economic development capacity. For example, the loss in economic terms representing HIV in Africa is 12% of the GDP of the continent; economic development in countries free of malaria is at least 1% higher than those in which malaria is endemic.

So health plays an important role for itself in both the theory of human development as the focus of human rights. But the effects of health on the economy and the effects of poverty on health, are very important. For example, malaria is the second cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa. This disease damages the family economy and the local community, it affects the workforce, reduce efficiency at work, reduce land use and load the family budget with the costs of prevention and treatment . Malaria is also the major cause of school absenteeism and are expected to reduce the learning capacity of 35% to 60% in the school. Poor people are the most affected as they have less access to health services, information and prevention and treatment. Finally, malaria reduces international trade and the development of sectors such as tourism.

In the figure below are shown some of the associations mentioned in the case of malaria, but are extended for any disease. Usually collected connections between basic human needs and the lack of capacities, rights and freedoms of people can degenerate into poverty. At the same time, it shows how poverty causes needs diminishes the capabilities and limits freedoms and rights.

Figure 3. The vicious circle of poverty

As contained in the report on health in the WHO African region in 2006, the challenges are enormous for governments and the strengthening of health systems and health policies achieved only through regional cooperation and international cooperation.

Mushroom, Tomato & Basil Salad

by , on
March 29, 2017


  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 2 tbs red wine vinegar
  • 2 tsp dijon mustard
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
  • salt & ground black pepper
  • 400g button mushrooms, trimmed
  • 250g cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1 yellow capsicum, quartered, thinly sliced
  • 2 cups basil leaves


1. Combine the oil, red wine vinegar, mustard, sugar and salt and pepper in a screw-top jar. Shake well to combine.

2. Place the mushrooms in a large bowl. Pour over 1/2 cup of the dressing, toss well to combine. Cover and set aside for 1 hour. Add the cherry tomatoes, capsicum and basil leaves. Pour over the remaining dressing, season with salt and pepper. Toss gently to combine and serve with crusty bread.