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Exhibition “Health, a universal right?”

by , on
February 5, 2017

The exhibition “Health a universal right?” Is presented as part of the awareness campaign for health development.

The campaign, so the exhibition seeks to highlight the link between human right, health and development, with the ultimate goal of contributing to improving health cooperation that is from Catalonia.

It is an exhibition that gathers the three themes of the campaign (access to medicines, determining gender in access to health and avoidable deaths), since these are issues that do not occur independently, but they completely tied. For example, many preventable deaths are due to lack of access to drugs and the lack of access to education limits the abilities of girls, increasing their vulnerability in the future.

With these three issues as central, the exhibition is conceived as a journey through time to the viewer. Upon entering the exhibition, the format of which is a wooden hexagon, we find five panels each with three screens representing the following temporary spaces: past, present, and future unwanted desired future. All in relation to the three issues raised by the campaign and the right to health. In addition, there will be a final panel on how we can involve the viewer or spectator.